Friday, September 25, 2009


Here's another idea for all you budding stagers to consider adding to your services.
When I go in to stage a house I always take before and after photos for my own portfolio, and because I stage for Haverhill I have to take these pictures because all the houses I stage are showcased on HGTV and
I also offer these photos to my client (usually a real estate agent)full use for advertising purposes. This is a great marketing tool because I am taking the photos anyway so it's very little effort on my part to offer them to the client, but is a big deal to them.
If you ever surfed the MLS system you will have seen many photos of homes for sale that are just gross! Many prospective buyers cut these from their short list and have no interest in seeing that listing because the photos are so bad. (because the rooms are unstaged).
What many of you might not realize is that many real estate agents actually pay photographers to go in and take these terrible pictures which only turn people off.
By offering the photos for advertising, I am saving them money they would have spent on a photographer. I am offering 2 services in one which means less calls and time. and I am providing them with photos of beqautifully staged rooms which will in turn attract potential buyers instead of turning them off.
And that's just photography, They also get the staging! How great is that!


  1. Hmm, don't know what I think about this post :) Just kidding, being a photographer means I understand that there a lot of bad photographs of homes for sale out there.

    Andrea, you have a knack for getting good images of your homes. But stagers who want to sell this need to be good 'photographers' too. Getting a good photographer IS a big part of the challenge in selling a home. Combine that with your staging and it's win-win!

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